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4 popular 'building bricks' of digital LocalGov on the Jadu Library right NOW

The Jadu Library launched back in 2018 as an open source, community driven repository of shared 'building bricks'. 


Dr Mark Thompson, a key architect of the UK Government’s open IT strategy and advocate for taking a ‘Lego brick’ approach to public services, welcomed the library, saying it was “vitally needed” and the first time he’d “seen anyone go anywhere near providing such shared infrastructure in the Local Government space.”


The community has been building and sharing digital service assets ever since. 


Rather than starting from scratch each time, the materials are pieced together to form what is needed. The key advantage being that they're tried and tested in real life environments. 


Here, we spotlight four of the most popular building bricks on the Jadu Library right now.


1) Book of Condolences (Form and Directory Template)


Following the passing of his Royal Highness Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh, councils up and down the country are inviting their residents to share their thoughts and tributes in an online book of condolences. 


Swindon Borough Council shared its form for enabling users to add messages, along with a directory template, which can be used to store, and display the messages on websites. 


2) COVID-19 Special Announcement (Widget) helps search engines better understand websites through the creation, maintenance and promotion of schemas for structured data. 


It defined a standard for publishing information about COVID-19 announcements, enabling organisations to tell search engines that they have important information regarding the pandemic on their websites. 


These results are then displayed prominently by search engines making it easier for users to read and get important information quickly. This is particularly important for Local Authorities and Universities in disseminating critical information. 


This widget makes it easy for users to publish important information that meets the Special Announcement standard


View: COVID-19 Special Announcement Widget Demo


3) COVID-19 NHS Button (Widget)


This widget enables Local Authorities to relay up-to-date, important information from the NHS to citizens, saving Local Authorities time and removing room for error.


Users simply embed the NHS coronavirus button onto their websites to direct users to the most up-to-date, official information and advice on the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the NHS website.


No customization is needed, Jadu CMS users simply download the Widget Zip file and upload it through the Widget Manager before adding to relevant Homepages.


4) Household Waste and Recycling Center Booking (Form and Case Type)


For authorities that manage Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) sites and need to manage the flow of residents due to social distancing, booking systems are needed. 


Kindly supplied by Medway Council, this case type and form for booking slots is integrated with Office 365 calendar booking and allows booking for five recycling tip sites. The form can be imported into Jadu XFP (XForms Professional) and amended to meet requirements.


Visit the Jadu Library to discover more shared assets - including process flows, test scripts, complex forms and service design documentation!


Austin Brailey
Austin Brailey
Jadu Marketing and Comms. The chap to speak to for press and media enquiries. Using the Force to influence midichlorians and bring case studies to life. Life long sci-fi geek.

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4 popular 'building bricks' of digital LocalGov on the Jadu Library right NOW

The Jadu Library launched back in 2018 as an open source, community driven repository of shared 'building bricks'. 

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