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Send Emails and SMS Messages with GOV.UK Notify and CXM.

We’ve been working on a new integration that is now available for you to use if you’re a Jadu CXM customer and GOV.UK Notify user. You can find instructions on how to start using this integration in the CXM User Manual.

GOV.UK Notify is a notification system built by the Government Digital Service. If you work for the Central Government, a Local Authority or the NHS, you can use GOV.UK Notify to keep your users updated with important information. We’ve now built an integration to enable you to send SMS and email notifications from Jadu CXM via the Notify service, providing you with out-of-the-box SMS capability and another option for sending emails. If you use Notify for other communications then this could help by centralising all of your communications. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there could be more need for sending important messages via SMS to those with limited, or no online access, or who are more easily reached through their phone. Furthermore, SMS notifications are great for serving as reminders for appointments for example a housing repair or a bulky waste collection.

The GOV.UK Notify service is free up to a certain level of usage for Local Authorities, you can read more about the GOV.UK Notify service on the official website.

To get started with the beta, you’ll need to have or create a GOV.UK Notify account. Then, log into Jadu CXM, enable the GOV.UK Notify integration and plug in the GOV.UK Notify API credentials (see example below).

GOV.UK Notify API KeyEmail and SMS content are managed in GOV.UK Notify via templates which can be set up with placeholders. The integration with CXM allows these placeholders to be populated with CXM case values via a mapping template which might be familiar to you already, as these are used for other integrations in CXM.


Finally SMS and emails are configured via rules providing you with flexibility to choose the right template in CXM and Notify based on specific conditions. Again, for more information and how to set the integration up, including mapping templates, please refer to the CXM User Manual.


A few things to note:

  • A CXM account can only be linked to one GOV.UK Notify account.
  • CXM doesn’t currently store the message contents or the delivery status of the email or SMS messages sent via the integration, so this information is not available via the Integration logs or in the Case History. This information is available within Notify for 7 days after the message was sent.
  • The integration doesn’t include sending letters which is being considered as a future enhancement.

This integration is being released as a beta and we’d love to hear what you think, please contact CXM Product Owner, Tom Nickalls with any feedback. 

Tom Nickalls
Tom Nickalls
CXM Product Owner.

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