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Jadu Library assets used the most during 2020

Our customers in Local Government responded quickly to the Global Coronavirus crisis, launching new services at speed that met the immediate needs of communities. Councils suddenly found themselves having to coordinate delivery of business grants, spinning up services around medicine and food delivery, working with community volunteer groups, processing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations and a lot more. Not only did they face the challenge of launching new services, they had a long list of other challenges to overcome, including; moving their workforce to remote working, shifting existing services online, increasing the frequency of communications to the public and ensuring that all citizens could access key services.

We wanted to remind you that the Jadu Library is there to help. We’ve received feedback from some of our customers who have said that being able to utilise the Jadu Library has been particularly useful during the busy and unprecedented year.

We’ve listed some of our top viewed and downloaded assets from 2020.

Jadu’s Community ToolBox
In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we launched our Community ToolBox. It’s a place we have been adding assets donated by other Councils, such as Business Grant Forms, Special Announcement Widgets, Community Assistance Forms, and more. You can view the full list of Coronavirus assets on the Community ToolBox. Additionally, we launched a new Podcast Channel to bring you insights, stories, and experiences from those at the forefront of digital services. 

Find out more on the ToolBox.


Coronavirus Cases Widget 

The InYourArea team created a widget that works on postcode search to provide you with information, such as:

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases in your area
  • Total UK coronavirus cases
  • Daily UK coronavirus cases
  • Total UK coronavirus deaths

This widget has been adopted by many of our customers and added to their websites to update citizens. 

Find out more or download the widget from the Jadu Library


Community Assistance Form 

This form was kindly donated by Broxbourne Council (created by Sopra Steria). Many of our Local Authority customers have had to react quickly and efficiently to be able to support citizens, especially those who are vulnerable.

This form can be used by citizens to ask for support: 

  • for themselves
  • on behalf of someone else 
  • OR to volunteer for help.

This is particularly helpful for community support groups who are trying to identify citizens within the community most at risk of coronavirus and who may require additional support.

Start using the Community Assistance Form.


Accessibility Statement Template 

With most services needing to be accessed online during the pandemic, it has never been so important for our customers to focus on the accessibility of their websites.  

Your accessibility statement is often the first thing a disabled person will look for when they visit your website. This is so they can check any areas they won't be able to access, how to request alternatives and who to contact about any issues. 

We put together this guide based on the GDS (Government Digital Service) sample accessibility statement, along with our sample statement to help you give your users an accessible experience and ensure you meet the guidelines. 

Find out more and start using the template.  


COVID-19 Special Announcement Widget

This widget makes it easy for you to publish important information that meets the SpecialAnnouncement standard. A list of announcements can be created and managed within the widget including:

  • Lockdown directives
  • Closure notices
  • Quarantine guidelines
  • Travel restrictions
  • Opening of a testing centre
  • Cancellation or changes to planned events
  • Revision of shopping hours or other shopping restrictions
  • Disease spread maps and statistics

All announcements types listed above contain a title, summary, applicable dates and relevant location information. You can also add a link to further information and reorder announcements within the widget.

Find out more and download the widget.


Customer Journey Canvas

We’ve seen an increase in traffic arriving on this page, more than likely due to the increase in services that have been moved online. Jadu Creative’s* Customer Journey Canvas is a visual way of planning your service design. 

You are likely to refer to it again and again because there are always improvements to be made and problems to be solved across your organisation. When challenges arise, the Customer Journey Canvas helps you to clearly identify how the problem is related to the service design process. This will help you stay focused and work on resolving the problem systematically.

Start using the Customer Journey Canvas.


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Jadu Marketing
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