The Integrations Hub - 5 years on

Our ongoing mission to integrate with key line-of-business and cloud applications to automate digital service has achieved many milestones, not least a much longer list of standard and premium integrations for our customers. 

When we started this journey, we understood that our investment in time, resources and commitments would go beyond problem solving, solution design and development of elegant and stable integrations. But, we need to build relationships and partnerships that are lasting, to ensure the integrations we deliver are sustainable and genuinely solve the problem of maintaining critical connections between data systems. 

We have much more to come... strategic, enterprise integrations with our partners are on the way, as well as day-to-day integrations to help meet our customers needs. We’ve recently released integration with Capita One Digital portal for Revenues and Benefits - a single-sign-on solution that enables local authorities using Capita Academy to help their customers self-serve to their secure council tax and benefits information. We also released the Brightly CONFIRM integration for smarter management of highways, street scene self-service and further automation integration, which we refer to as 'Community Central'.

Watch the video below to learn more. 


We’re looking forward to a busy year in 2023 as we grow our team and deliver more value from unlocking back office data to help our customers connect with their communities.

If you're interested in our integration capabilities or would like us to share the list of integrations we currently offer (or are in our roadmap), get in touch with us. 


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