Predicting outcomes and anticipating how users needs will change. Our role as digital leaders.

Buying products to manage and automate systems is easy. Implementing them, ensuring adoption and successful outcomes is a little harder but still, with the right project management, is easy. Even in this age of user research led service design, as long as you see the process through to the end, successful outcomes are for all intents and purposes, easy.

What isn't easy is seeing into the future.

Predicting outcomes and anticipating how user needs will change (sometimes those needs instantly), is perhaps the most important and most difficult part of our role as digital leaders.

We have the tools to help and guide us. Data enables us to predict, whilst digital platforms help us to deliver.

The ‘things in the middle’ - the glue if you like, are also easy to define.

Service design and user research help link data and delivery, so we can create optimal user experiences and good services that remove friction from our users. However, the greatest challenge in linking data with platforms is integration. Although RPA has made integration with legacy systems more possible - there is no replacement for intelligently designed and vendor supported integrations.

Automation is about more than reducing operational costs - important as that is - automation is improving services, reducing the cost to serve and providing a deeper community connection. That's why we’re focusing our product and brand strategy on ‘Connecting Communities’.

In case you missed our recent rebrand launch, we’re making our brand and our platform more accessible, bolder and simpler.

Jadu Central, is the new, merged CMS Website and XFP Forms product that is purpose built to deliver digital services that meet the needs of end users. Our vision is to create simple, clear transactional pages that put key tasks as the focal point and clear and intuitive user journeys at the heart of digital service design.

Jadu Connect is the new name for Jadu CXM. Rather than the acronym of the technology category, we’ve chosen to continue with a name that defines the purpose of the product - to connect people with services. With that, we have started the user research process to create the next generation of forms - built directly into Jadu Connect’s cloud based infrastructure. The new forms service will unite workflow design, integrations and automations into the point of collecting data - using a modern forms service built for the modern web.

Jadu Central and Connect couple together to provide a sophisticated and accessible digital front door, with a hybrid cloud infrastructure where hosting of the Jadu Digital Platform is tailored to the security strengths of the individual components, where elements run on a combination of different environments. Jadu Central is hosted as a single tenant, private cloud application, Jadu Connect is multi-tenant software as a service application.

We’ve invested in a secure, fully managed service with AWS too, to ensure that in this highly challenging climate of post-covid and war-time economics, our customers continue to deliver digital service to the millions of end users who depend on critical infrastructure.

We’re focused on connecting communities.

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