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New Vuelio integration publishes press releases directly to Jadu websites

A new integration enables Vuelio, a platform used to create, schedule and send press releases to journalists, to simultaneously publish press releases on Jadu sites.

This saves considerable time by reducing the duplication of work for organisations publishing communications regularly.

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) publishes three to four new stories per day to keep journalists and citizens up to date with local news. Publishing in multiple places could take up to fifteen minutes each time, which added up over days and weeks is a considerable amount of time that could be better spent elsewhere. 

The Vuelio integration with the Jadu Content Management System (CMS) means Warwickshire County Council no longer needs to log into the Jadu CMS to publish news stories on their website, and then further publish on other news outlets. Vuelio makes publishing to multiple platforms quick and easy. The Council now only has to publish news articles once, from one centralised place!

Warwickshire County Council uses Jadu CMS to publish content to their website. Within the Jadu CMS is a news article section, an area purposely built for users to quickly and easily publish news stories to their websites.

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 16.37.53The Council also uses Vuelio, a news distribution product, to distribute press releases from one centralised place. With the website being an important (if not the most important) place to publish news, WCC wanted to make their news publishing process more efficient. This is even more critical throughout the pandemic when citizens need access to the most up-to-date news in their area. News and information needs to be published through several channels to ensure maximum reach. The Council reached out to Jadu to discuss a possible custom integration between Vuelio and the Jadu CMS so that they could make their publishing process more efficient. 

There was no need to build a core integration. Instead, we have created a module that customers can purchase as an add on. The Jadu Creative team can then apply this module to your website. When Warwickshire County Council now publishes a news story within Vuelio it auto publishes the news to the Council website and pushes it live, cutting out the need to log into the Jadu CMS at all to publish the article. This module is reusable and can be used by other Jadu customers who have a Vuelio account.


If you are interested in adding the Vuelio module to your website, get in touch!

Abby Shillaker
Abby Shillaker
Marketing and Communications Executive.

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