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Local Government of Queensland Hit Milestone with Jadu

Jadu became the leading Content Management System (CMS) provider to Queensland, Local Government In March 2018. The newly formed partnership with The Local Government of Queensland (LGAQ) involved migrating all of its member councils websites’ to the Jadu Platform. More and more websites are being added to the migration plan as the project evolves.

The idea behind the partnership is to create a direct digital connection between councils and citizens in Queensland to make digital services the preferred method of interaction. Using cutting edge web design and technology, councils are able to provide responsive and streamlined services to better support communities around QLD.

On 3rd June 2020, the LGAQ hit an impressive milestone, rolling out their 50th website to its member councils, a huge achievement to the team both at LGAQ and at Jadu. With the coronavirus pandemic impacting the world, there was never a more important time to continue this project at speed. LGAQ continued to work with Jadu to provide an improved digital platform for citizens to reach Queensland’s councils at a time when face-to-face contact was reduced.

home_banner_2Logan City Council - First Local Authority in Australia to receive The Gold Rating, Plain English Award.

Logan is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Australia and is home to more than 327,000 people from more than 217 different cultures. 6% of the city live with a day-to-day disability, and 600+ residents have a visual impairment. Although its ten year old website had served its purpose, with a younger population, a decentralised model and over 138 active web editors, a digital transformation project needed to be launched.

The council wanted to meet the needs of the community, in the channels they were arriving at. They wanted to serve as a ‘channel by choice council, instead of digital by default’. The council has now relaunched its new-look website, with accessible and improved content which supports better translation - in over 100 different languages. It’s the first local government in Australia to receive the gold rating from the Plain Language Pro Program, an amazing achievement.

Visit the website.

Logan team

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