Empowering Edinburgh City Council Employees with Jadu Central Gateway

What if you work for a large, public organisation, but do not have a corporate email address? 

The City of Edinburgh Council is the first to open up Intranet access to HR policies and Digital services for thousands of employees with no corporate email accounts. Jadu partnered with CGI and The City of Edinburgh to develop Jadu Central Gateway - a new, secure and accessible all-inclusive Intranet Digital Platform.

In many cases, large organisations, such as Local Authorities, Central Government Departments and Universities have employees, constituents and partners who need to access key information and digital services on an Intranet, but cannot access them as they have no corporate email address. This can include front-line workers such as Adult Social Care workers, Children's Services workers, Healthcare professionals and Waste / Street cleansing teams. 

For a wide range of reasons (HR support and whistleblowing, for example), it's crucial that we provide everyone with the tools they need to stay connected and informed. This is especially true for local government employees who are the backbone of our communities. At Jadu, we're committed to making this a reality. Accessible and available on any device.

We're pleased to share how Jadu Central Gateway is revolutionising the way Edinburgh City Council employees access their Intranet, especially those without an official email address. 

User flow for Inviting users to securely access Intranet Digital ServicesJadu Gateway enables employees to securely access important information and forms, regardless of whether they have a corporate email address. Authentication and access is via a valid username and password, and 2FA for added security. 

The process is simple and secure:

  1. The council imports employees' personal email addresses and employee ID numbers into Jadu Central Gateway using a straightforward spreadsheet data upload in the user interface.
  2. Employees receive an email inviting them to create an account on the council's Intranet.
  3. Employees use their personal email and a password of their choosing to create their secure account.

This approach not only ensures that all employees can access important information and resources, but it also respects their privacy and security: 

Jadu Central gateway use case diagram

With Jadu Central Gateway, employees accessing the intranet through the organisation's network are not challenged with a login, and external members, such as Councillors and Trade Union Representatives accessing from a given IP address are also not challenged with a login.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jadu Central Gateway and how it can benefit your organisation:


What kind of organisation is this suitable for? 

This is the perfect solution for Local Government organisations, Central and Federal Government Departments, Universities, Healthcare Institutions, and large industry companies.

For example, The City of Edinburgh Council has recently adopted the solution, as around 5,500 employees out of 19,000 are not issued email addresses and do not have access to the council's VPN. This solution will manage the invitation of their frontline employees to the intranet, utilising their personal email addresses and two-factor authentication enabling secure access to important information and documentation on the council’s intranet.

Here's to a more all-inclusive, digitally connected community.

Request a demo and our team can show you how Edinburgh have 'fixed the plumbing' of employee engagement and digital support.

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