The New Emergency Communications Module (for Jadu CMS)

Be it a natural disaster, accident, civil disturbance or terrorist attack - or any form of tragic or sombre event - the need for urgent, clear communication has been proven time and again to be of the utmost importance.

With the new ‘Emergency Communications Module’ for Jadu CMS, you can ensure every single visitor to your site sees what you need them to see.


Already a number of our customers are using the module in preparation for things such as Operation London Bridge, as it can also be used for communicating the passing of senior public figures. 


A desktop screen next to a laptop, both displaying the same memorial message for fictional councillor 'Mr John Robinson'.

The module is designed to display a full-screen message with white on black text, four images and a link to further information or a book of condolences, for which many customers use Jadu Directories to manage and publish.


WATCH: Emergency Communication Module demo


When customers visit the site, they see a message displayed in a full-screen, accessible overlay. The message is only displayed on their initial site visit, unless updated.


A new message can be prepared alongside an existing overlay, so that updates can be made without having to disrupt communications.  


The module can also be configured to make small adjustments to the appearance of a site to reflect the somberness of such an occasion.


For councils wanting to be prepared, the module offers important peace of mind as messages can be set-up in advance and be ready to go, when needed.    


If you're interested in implementing the module in your Jadu CMS or would like to know more, please provide your details below and we'll be in touch shortly!




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