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Birmingham City Council shares ‘Donate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)’ form on new COVID-19 Community Toolbox

Birmingham City Council has shared its ‘Donate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)’ form on a new COVID-19 Community Toolbox. The form can be reused by councils to accept donations of equipment for use by front-line NHS staff, care workers and volunteers.


Birmingham City Council uses the form to accept donations of products that are needed in great volumes, such as disposable aprons, latex or Nitrile gloves, face masks, hand sanitiser, eye protection and overshoes, from local businesses.


VIEW: COVID-19 Donate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) form


The contribution is part of the COVID-19 Community Toolbox (built on the Jadu Library), a global initiative that provides support with digital tools and encourages the sharing and reuse of free assets and resources amidst the Coronavirus crisis.


The Toolbox features a list of continually updated assets including those for business grants, volunteering, donations and community assistance.


Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu said: “Thanks to the digital team at Birmingham City Council for this contribution to the new Community ToolBox. The form was built and deployed last week, on the ToolBox and available for reuse by Monday. That’s fantastic.


“Thanks also to Canterbury City Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Broxbourne Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and City of York Council for their COVID-19 forms that are critical support for communities.


“Many more reusable assets will be available in the coming days, weeks and months. We encourage everyone to share what they can.”

Austin Brailey
Austin Brailey
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