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Numbers mean nothing by themselves

The latest release of CXM sees the introduction of a suite of standard automatic reports, this can be accessed via the reports tab on the side bar menu and is accessible to all users with the permission to see reports.

Measuring customer interactions and trends is essential to delivering better customer service. If we can understand how our services are used, how long things are taking and where the issue hot-spots are, we can take a giant step towards improving the customer experience, which as we all know - leads to customer retention (and delight!). 

CXM reporting graphic

The high-level reports show trend graphs and numerical tables for all cases created within CXM, and can be viewed from three different levels.

The first level of reports consists of all of the case types created in the system. The second level of reports that can be accessed shows reporting from a specific service level. For example, click on waste services reports all data relating to the waste services can be viewed.

It is also possible to see data relating to the individual case types, clicking into the green waste subscription case type for instance, will show the number of green waste type cases created.

By default the graph view is taken from the last months cases showing results on a day by day format. It is however, possible also to select an alternate date range from a number of different standard date ranges, and also allows a custom date range if required it’s worth noting that any date range that is over 60 days, the data is presented month by month rather than day by day. 

Underneath the line graph, there is also a numerical table showing the summary numbers for the selected trending graph.

We are all about reporting this quarter, next week we will be talking about the new reporting features within Continuum CMS.

CXM reporting in action

Dave Gudgeon
Dave Gudgeon
Dave is Head of Engineering. Dave has been involved in the development and implementation of Jadu Continuum for more than seven years and has a deep knowledge of both the platform and the technologies it is built upon, such as Linux, Windows, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, Apache and IIS.

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