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Menu Manager Made Simple

Jadu navigation menus can now be tailored to specific user needs! "We ran a survey earlier this year about 'menu management' and have listened.

80% Of respondents indicated menu management was something they definitely needed. 

The navigation menus on a Jadu website can now be tailored to feature the most commonly used links. This provides customers with more control to rename categories and remove items to increase optimisation.

Key Features:

  • Sub-categories and documents in a particular category can be reordered to place the most important links at the top of the list.
  • Links to external pages can be inserted seamlessly into navigation menus to highlight important offsite content.
  • The title of categories and documents in the menu can be edited to tailor it to the navigation menu - making it concise and clear where required.
  • Automatically added items - categories and documents - can be permanently removed from the menu to prevent them from being shown to users.

The menu manager navigation can be seen below. The future features will include setting category image, rich text description and classname, creating multiple menus and limiting visibility of menu items to user permission groups. 

Jadu CMS Menu Manager

Is it available now? Yes. Menu manager is currently in Continuum CMS #110 beta. Customers must opt-in to the beta programme to see the new functionality. 

Any questions, get in touch! 


Sarah Backhouse
Sarah Backhouse
Sarah graduated from the University of Cambridge, before joining Jadu in 2005. Initially working within the professional services team, Sarah has been involved in implementation projects for DirectGov, Manchester City Council and IMI plc. She has since transitioned into the product management team within Jadu, leading the development of Jadu CMS.

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