Embracing sustainability: our commitment to a greener future

In an era where environmental concerns continue to increase, we are excited to share Jadu's commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. As firm believers in the power of collective action, we have embarked on a mission to minimise our environmental impact and pave the way for a greener future. By re-evaluating our practices, collaborating with small and local businesses across the UK, North America and Australia, introducing eco-friendly merchandise and limiting travel, we aim to encourage others to join us on this sustainable journey.

Minimising waste and prioritising eco-friendly options
We recognise the importance of waste reduction, and have implemented measures to ensure that our production processes align with our commitment to sustainability. We understand that every small step counts, and that's why we have taken great care to prioritise eco-friendly choices. From sourcing materials to product design, longevity and recyclability are at the forefront of our decision-making process for our marketing merchandise (more on this below!). By opting for recycled and repurposed materials, we aim to contribute to a circular economy and reduce the strain on our planet's resources.

Introducing our eco-friendly merchandise lineup
We are excited to showcase our brand new Summer 2023 eco-friendly merchandise lineup, designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. Each item has been thoughtfully crafted to minimise environmental impact while providing exceptional quality and functionality. We work with local businesses in the areas we attend events in for our merchandise, meaning we minimise transportation emissions and contribute to the community.

Tote Bag: Our tote bags are crafted from recycled t-shirts and bottles, offering a stylish and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. By using durable materials, we ensure that these bags can withstand the test of time, reducing the need for constant replacements.

Wireless Charger: Made from recycled materials, our wireless chargers exemplify our commitment to a circular economy. Once their lifecycle ends, they can be re-recycled; minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency.

Pen: Our pens are manufactured using recycled CD materials, giving a second life to discarded technology.

Biscuits: We have partnered with a small business to bring you delicious biscuits that not only tantalise your taste buds but also support the growth of local enterprises.

Jelly Beans: Our jelly bean containers are composed of plant-based materials that are designed to decompose within twelve weeks, ensuring our packaging has minimal environmental impact.

Offsetting emissions through tree planting
We are proud to announce that for every ticket sold for the Jadu Academy 2023, we’ve planted a tree to offset emissions and contribute to environmental restoration. This offsets 12kg of CO2 for each tree planted, amounting to 308kg every 25 years. The selected tree species are carefully chosen to combat deforestation and provide vital habitats for endangered animals in specific regions. By engaging and educating local communities as forest stewards, we foster a sustainable relationship that benefits both the environment and generations to come. For example, in Nepal, Lemon Trees and Acacias are used in reforestation, whereas in Kenya, Avocado and Papayas are planted. The average life expectancy of a shorter lived tree is 50 years, and each tree will produce thousands of seedlings every year. This is improved by educating and employing the local communities as forest stewards, providing a mutually beneficial relationship that will last for generations. When a tree dies, it will return to the circle of life.

Embracing a remote work culture
To further reduce our carbon footprint, we have transitioned to a fully remote work environment. We offer a small centralised office in Leicester to provide a space for our team should they need to visit to support health, wellbeing and collaboration. By eliminating daily commutes, we significantly decrease our impact on transportation-related emissions. This shift not only supports a healthier work-life balance for our team members but also demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative solutions that align with our sustainability goals. Throughout this period, we have also cut UK-wide and International travel down by 90%.

The tech side
In September 2019, our primary cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) made a Climate Pledge commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2040.  This ambitious initiative left a profound impact on us, and on this basis, we made the decision to migrate our services to AWS to help Jadu achieve its own net Zero targets. This migration signified our unwavering dedication to responsible business practices. Migrating to AWS not only reinforced our internal commitment to environmental consciousness but also demonstrates our desire to inspire stakeholders and clients to join us on this sustainability journey.

Since the Jadu Platform is an entirely digital product and no longer requires paper-based manuals or leverages physical media, such as CD or DVD installers. As a result, our carbon footprint has been reduced to zero when it comes to embodied carbon.

As we embark on this sustainability journey, we extend our thanks to all who join us in this important cause. Through our commitment to minimising waste, prioritising eco-friendly options, offsetting emissions through tree planting, and embracing remote work, we strive to increase sustainability in our community.

Thank you for joining us on this sustainability journey!

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