Q&A with new(ish) PM All-Star, Sylwia Checinska!

What better way to give Technical Project Manager applicants an idea of what to expect here at Jadu than chatting with new(ish) PM All-Star, Sylwia Checinska?


Sylwia smiling.


Sylwia, thanks for taking the time to chat! How long is it that you've been with Jadu now?


Sylwia: Just over ten months - I can't believe that I’ve been here for almost a year already! 


The time has gone so quickly but that's what happens when you’re fully enjoying your job, and when there's great leadership and support. 


Everyone here makes you feel comfortable, and you never feel like you're alone when something isn’t clear. You approach things as a team. 


How has your first ten months been?


Sylwia: BUSY :) I've had the great opportunity to work on several different projects already - all very interesting and some of which have been super important. I feel great about the fact I could be a part of such important work.


I think this is the first time I don't stress on Sundays thinking about Mondays - instead I’m excited about what the new week will bring!


Awesome! You have a Project Management background in fintech, is that right? How has the transition been, are there many similarities/differences?


Sylwia: Yes, I came from a fintech background and expected the transition to be challenging. After-all I have been in the financial industry for over ten years, so I expected some time would be needed to adjust to the new role/ responsibilities, especially being remote, but I was pleasantly surprised.


I think this was largely down to my line manager and the team in general, who helped make the transition really smooth. Projects are run in a very similar way no matter what industry you are in. There are a lot of things to learn about the industries we work in here, but they’re interesting things, which makes all the difference.


How was the onboarding experience? Is there anything new joiners should be aware of (in your experience)?


Sylwia: From the first day I got all the support I needed. The onboarding was smooth and every single member of the company was super helpful. I felt well equipped to run my first project when the time came.


The onboarding is very structured. In your first week you will get to know loads of people during one-on-one sessions. This is a great opportunity to find out a bit more about how the company works and straight away you have a contact point from different departments in case you have any questions, which you of course will as a new starter. 


The company also provides online training which helps you fully understand the tools we offer to our clients.


What have been the highlights for you so far?


Sylwia: The role itself. It’s exciting and challenging but in a positive way. I feel like I’ve been given a huge opportunity to grow professionally and personally.


Do you have any advice/words of wisdom as to what prospects should expect from the job?


Sylwia: Be prepared to learn a lot, but know that you’re never on your own. The company culture is second to none and you will be welcomed and valued, so please try not to be nervous about starting. 


Finally Sylwia, we asked Rob from Watford Borough Council about the importance of a good PM (a client for which you project manage) here is what he had to say...


Rob: “The Project manager role is a vital one. It means we’re all in the loop and know exactly what’s going on. 


"Sylwia has been faultless quite honestly. We've got a great working relationship. We've been having weekly catch ups since day one, and we always have at least an hour of stuff to talk about.


"We discuss things from a user’s perspective and frequently have a bit of a laugh unpicking established ways of doing things, which don’t always necessarily work best for the user but that have just become routine, and finding something better. 


"Whenever I need something from Jadu, they’re there, and actually it’s normally Sylwia that is chasing us! We're on schedule and are all still smiling and that, in my opinion, is the sign of a great PM.”


… anything to add having just heard that Sylwia?


Sylwia: How lovely :) it’s made my day. Thanks Rob! Rob and the team at Watford are great. The project has been an absolute pleasure to work on. They’re blogging about it as they go and I’d definitely encourage people to check it out


Thanks Sylwia. 


If joining Sylwia and the PM team here at Jadu is something you're interested in, please check out the Technical Project Manager job description and get in touch! 

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