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Operation London Bridge; how Local Authorities are preparing.

While it’s a topic that we don’t particularly like to talk about, it’s important for Local Authorities to be prepared in order to communicate effectively to their communities. 


What is Operation London Bridge?
It is a series of constructed plans that will come into action on the day that Queen Elizabeth II dies. The plans have been in place since the 1960s and are regularly reviewed. It’s an event that has been referred to as “London Bridge is down”. 

The Prime Minister will be informed and update 15 countries and 36 Commonwealth nations, where the Queen is head of state, that the Queen’s reign has come to an end. Britain will then go into mourning.


What should Local Authorities be doing now?
The date is obviously unknown but as it is a significant and historic event to prepare for, many UK Local Authorities already have a plan in place so they are able to react quickly and effectively to this event.  

Here are some actions our customers have taken in preparation:

  • A landing page communicating Operation London Bridge, built in the Jadu CMS, ready to publish when required.
  • Prepared statements, using the Jadu CMS, in hidden mode.  
  • Established a book of condolence, using Jadu Directories and eForms, to show the area’s support.

As you know, we encourage customers to share ideas so… start the conversation in our Jadu Customer Slack Group #operationlb. What’s your Local Authority planning in preparation for Operation London Bridge? If you aren’t in the Jadu Customer Slack channel, let us know and we can add you.

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