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Jadu makes AssureSign eSignatures available on its eForms solution

Jadu is making AssureSign Electronic Signatures (eSignatures) available on Jadu Continuum XFP, its secure and flexible eForms solution.

eSignatures ensure the validity and legal effect of transactions and contracts made online.

Via Jadu’s Integration Hub, which makes integration with third-party services simple, Jadu users will have access to the AssureSign eSignature software, which is designed for companies whose operations depend on securing, organizing and executing hundreds or thousands of signatures every month.

“Our customers want ‘out-of-the-box’ integration with other technology such as eCommerce and electronic signature products - it’s why we launched Integrations Hub last year” says John Euston, Jadu Vice President, North America.

“The security focus of AssureSign addresses a very high-level requirement for our higher education and government customer base. We’re pleased to welcome it as the latest addition to a fast-growing list of available integrations.”

AssureSign’s Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) enables users to present a signer with a series of questions generated from public data sources in order to confirm their identity and prevent fraudulent access attempts. The solution also enables partners to maintain their branding throughout the eSignature process, presenting a unified solution to users.
Jadu plans to offer the AssureSign eSignature integration to existing customers in the coming weeks.

Andy Green
Andy Green
Andy Green is Product Manager for Jadu’s Forms (XFP) and Payments (PayBridge) software. Joining Jadu in 2007 as an apprentice engineer, Andy has worked his way through engineering to become a product manager. Specialising in transactions and integrations, Andy has worked on high profile projects in both a technical and leadership role including Employment Tribunals service with the Ministry of Justice and DirectGov.

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