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It's the most wasteful time of year!

How are you managing your waste services this Christmas?

Christmas Waste

It's the most wonderful, yet wasteful time of the year. A time for giving, reflecting and spending time with friends and family, but let's not 'waste' time avoiding the subject - it's also the time of the year when there's the most waste and rubbish in the UK! 

I'm passionate about sharing with Local Authorities the importance of implementing effective online waste services that work for you and your citizens, all year round! As well as working for Jadu, I'm also a citizen and it's quite frankly 'a load of rubbish' when it's hard work to/I can't submit online at all for things like new recycling bags, a missed bin collection or to report flytipping. 

So... let's get started with some facts and figures! I promise it's worth wasting around for.

Did you know?
Waste is a huge problem in the UK and last year two-thirds of people said the amount of consumer waste thrown out was ‘unacceptable’ according to a survey by FlyResearch for Sky Ocean Rescue (Sky News).

Did you also know? 

Crazy, 450K double-decker buses!!!

Many charities have said that ‘there’s only so much consumers can do, the onus should be on governments across the 4 nations and businesses to take a leading role.’

So on that note, how can we help citizens together?

Here are some tips!

1. Provide the right platform to deliver your services. 
Choosing a platform that works for your teams but also provides a good customer experience is really important. We offer a Customer Experience Management product (JADU CXM) that can provide you and your citizens a seamless experience and effective digital customer self-service. This helps customers get to the information they need and when they need it. It also enables any issues to be managed quickly and efficiently online, whilst freeing up your staff members to focus on more urgent matters through 1-1 contact when required.  

2. Focus on your service delivery and how you are running your services online.
Firstly, are your waste services online? Secondly, are they working for your team and your customers? They need to be available at the right time and in the right place.
We work with service delivery partners including Methods (see the Swindon Borough Council case study) and Liberata (see the Pendle Borough Council case study) to help you evaluate and deliver better online services such as waste. 

Liberata and Jadu enabled Digital Transformation at Pendle Borough Council, which contributed to a 95% reduction in contact centre footfall. Read the full news story. 

3. Utilise integrations to better support your services.
We integrate with some key players in the waste industry including Bartec (see the Lichfield District Council case study) and Pitney Bowes to ensure your back-office systems provide a fully integrated, automated and end-to-end service for your citizens.

4. Evaluate results and move onto the next service!
In Local Government, many services are managed in different ways, but are there aspects of service delivery that you can pull through to other existing services? We work with many councils to improve their waste services across the UK including Lichfield District Council, Swindon Borough Council, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Birmingham City Council. Read some of their waste stories

Here's an example of starting with a waste service and using it as the foundation to grow out other services:
In the first 4 weeks Jadu CXM was implemented at Lichfield District Council and integrated with Bartec. As a result, the council:

  • Signed up 25,000 garden waste customers online
  • Generated over £1m in sales.
  • Saw 82% channel shift online.
  • Had 186 sign ups on Christmas day

They've now launched a series of back-office CXM processes to support all telephone waste enquiries, which are now being rolled out to customers to self-serve, including integrated missed bins and bulky waste collections.

Every year do your call volumes go through the roof? It is really worth a thought this Christmas about your waste services.

Merry Christmas everyone and let's make it as least wasteful as possible!

Jadu Marketing
Jadu Marketing
The Jadu Marketing Team works with customers and partners to create useful, valuable content that's helpful and timely.

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