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Budget to include £500m a year to fix potholes

The chancellor is today expected to announce £2.5bn in funding (£500m each year for the next five years) to fix up to 50 million potholes across Britain.


Ahead of the Budget, The BBC quotes Mr Sunak as saying, "We are going to eradicate the scourge of potholes in every part of the country."


The £500 million is expected to go to local authorities to make repairs and carry-out longer-term road resurfacing work.


We of course welcome the news for our customers. We're proud to help councils up and down the country manage successful pothole and road repair services.


We partner with Pitney Bowes (asset management solution specialists) to cut out the manual work and automate road repair services. This enables citizens to be kept in the loop in real-time when reporting the likes of potholes.


"Birmingham City Council made a decision to work in partnership with Pitney Bowes and Jadu to provide citizens, our contact centre & the highways service a simple integrated solution which provides an end-to-end view of citizen requests and be in a position to update progress in real time,”

Sheraz Yaqub, Birmingham City Council, Head of Online Service Delivery

Find Out More about what's on offer. 


But we're also continuously looking to the future of pothole and road repair.  Jadu R&D engineer, Mike Smart was recently interviewed about the part AI (Artificial Intelligence) could play in solving the nation's pothole problem 


READ: “We’re teaching A.I. about potholes... that’s not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say


Mike's presentation on the new Amazon Lex chatbot and Jadu CXM integration proof of concept can be viewed below.



If you're looking to address how you manage your pothole process, we'd love to hear from you!

Austin Brailey
Austin Brailey
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