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Enjoy the ‘View’ in Jadu Content Portal

Hundreds of organizations use Hyland’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools to provide their workforces with access to documents and resources when and where they need them.

However, it has been a challenge for organizations to give anyone other than a licensed user access to documents and content - until now!

The Jadu Content Portal solution comes standard with widgets designed to make it easy for customers to provide access to the documents and content stored in their Hyland solution. 

One such widget is our ‘Perceptive View Widget’ which surfaces content to the Jadu Portal through ‘Views’ configured in Perceptive Content. This content can be made available to public users or just the users who have first signed in to the portal. 

Universities can make forms and documents available to students and faculty, businesses can make contracts, forms and invoices available to resellers and suppliers, and Local Government can deploy important digital services, content and information to their website for residents.

Jadu Content Portal integrates with Hyland ECM solutions (and many other key back-office systems) to provide a portal experience for users wishing to access digital services, content, data and web forms in one place.


The Widget At Work

How does the ‘Perceptive Content View Widget’ work?

  • Perceptive Content uses ‘Views’, which are searches based on specific content criteria such as ‘Drawer’ + ‘Document Type’
  • The widget in Jadu’s Content Portal makes it simple to display the documents filtered from these ‘Views’ into a portal/web page
  • A ‘View’ can be created for external audiences (‘Student Facing Documents’ or ‘Supplier Invoices’ for example) 
  • Who needs access to this content…?
    • Selecting the Widget’s option to give ‘Authenticated User Access Only’ ensures that only documents related to the logged-in user are displayed (by selecting the Student or Vendor ID field for example)
  • In other cases, customers might want to make content available to public users, such as Public Health Reports and information for residents living in certain areas
  • The widget has access to all of the available ‘Views’, so you just need to select the one you want to display

Users simply sign in to the portal and can view content stored in Hyland based on their unique identifier.

Jadu Content Portal makes the most of your existing investment in Hyland ECM solutions by providing a self-serve facility for accessing content, data and web forms from any web-enabled device. This means reduced avoidable contact as content can always be accessed within the context of the person needing it.

Many organizations use Jadu Content Portal as their enterprise electronic forms solution. However, the ‘portal’ functionality built into the tool is often underutilized. Jadu Content Portal has many applications beyond forms, including when it comes to accounts payable and enabling suppliers to see copies of all invoices submitted. Those that leverage this set of useful tools are able to realize efficiencies and deliver digital services others simply are not. 

So, let us help your organization ‘enjoy the view’ - If you would like to find out how the Jadu Content Portal can solve your organization’s challenges, more information can be found on (Content Portal) and (Content Portal), but please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly also!

John Euston
John Euston
John is Vice President of Jadu America, and is an executive technology sales veteran having built a career in enterprise content management with Perceptive Software (now Hyland) working with some of the largest higher education institutions in the world. John runs all operations, including sales, for Jadu in North America and works with key channel partners and value-added resellers to create customer value at a huge scale.

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